So… What is really Netcon?

Well, Netcon is a Spanish online RPG convention. As far as we know the first of its kind, and quite established with this seventh edition! You’ll probably be aware of online RPG games, but in case you’re wondering I can swear it is possible. We even have a youtube channel where we collect the games and talks that are produced during the convention. You can find tones of other channels on Youtube and Twitch producing really good material related to RPGs (not only actual play but that too). If you are reading this, chances are that you are into this kind of thing, so if you didn’t know yet… You´’ll be please to find all the cool stuff out there!

We don´t intend to compete with or replace traditional tabletop RPGs. But hey, as a new RPG branch online roleplaying is to be taken into account. It even has several advantages, such as allowing you to play from home with little or no supplies with people all around the world. If you are willing to try, a convention such as ours may be just the right place to start!

What, wanna know more?

The seventh edition of NetCon will be this year between April 14th and 17th. We try to grow bigger every year, and this one we count with people living in several parts of the world in the organization and even some international guests. So we will try to offer games, panels and interviews at almost every time of the day/night. So you can participate no matter where you live!

The year 2020 marked a turning point. The pandemic situation led to an increase in attendance, both in terms of games (from 155 in 2019 to 223 in 2020) and participants (reaching 1000 registered in the convention application). In addition, the NETCON2020 online RPG convention evolved into a solidarity event, creating a new scenario for all of us.

This year’s convention will continue the solidarity initiative started last year. Our aim is to bring role-playing games to public institutions (such as libraries), NGOs and associations. So, we will be very pleased if you decide to join this marvelous expedition.

If you are convinced (if not please read it all again) you can follow us in our social media to keep up with the fun. We will inform you shortly on how to register activities to run or participate.

Stay tuned!


The Net Con team.

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